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CEM is an integrated health clinic orientated towards in-depth natural health care and wellness outcomes. Our professional staff bring to the centre a vast range of techniques and years of experience to produce one of the most innovative, professional and advanced holistic clinics in Sydney. They are all leaders in their field of work.

Our objective is to provide a center that is unique. At CEM we offer an extensive range of treatments that link holistic and conventional medicine. We focus on the individual needs of each client and access each treatment and service to suit that person.

We often work closely with other practitioners to provide the best outcome possible for our clients.

At CEM we work differently to most professionals. Most doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and other practitioners operate from the paradigm of biochemistry, or the chemistry of the human body.

We at Complementary and Ecological Medicine, operate from the paradigm of BIO-ENERGETICS, which is the study of the ENERGY of the human body. By combining these two approaches, we are able to integrate the information to learn more about the individual needs of your body, and the incredible energy system that drives each of us.

Every action in the human body starts with energy. Wound healing occurs after the formation of an electromagnetic field. Cell division is controlled by electromagnetic fields. Digestion relies on ions which effect absorption. There is nothing that happens in the body which does not involve energy. Therefore, if you can effectively assist the human body to correct abnormal energetic scenarios, there is an excellent likelihood of having a beneficial effect on the overall operation of the human system, which is HEALTH.

We believe (sometimes in conflict with traditional Western Medicine) that Health is not just a simple absence of any diagnosable disease. Health is the human system operating at the best level it can. Our goal is to support our clients to achieve this using BIO-ENERGETIC technologies.


Health is not only the absence of disease but also an achievement of the
optimum health status we can expect for our age group

- Ecological Medicine


Meet the Team

Abstract Horizon

Non Linear Screening (NLS) is a wholistic, non-invasive and harmless diagnostic procedure where electromagnetic signals help determine the Homeostasis or health status of the organs of your body. It helps identify your predisposition towards certain illnesses, and weak functioning organs. NLS enables the practitioner to treat a person on all (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual) levels.

Far infrared thermal imaging is a non invasive test to show abnormal temperature changes
that may indicate underlying injury or disease. Comparison studies over time can monitor
disease progress or resolution following treatments.


Because of our work using hologram technology we can service long distance clients who can’t get to Sydney.

Do not book this online . Please inquire by phone or email and we will discuss the information required for us to proceed


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  • What is Bio-energetic Medicine?
    This term refers to screening techniques and therapies that use an energy field. The properties of biological energy, which can be measured with bio-energetic devices are, temperature, mass, volume, chemical, pressure, mechanical and electrical. While this area of health care can include equipment ranging from a simple thermometer through to x-rays, at CEM we only use non-ionising equipment designed to enhance your quality of life.
  • Will I receive a medical diagnosis?
    No. At CEM we work a little differently approaching your health questions from the point of bio-energetics and nutrition. Many of our clients come to us with established medical problems and the two approaches are not in conflict with each other. These two views are integrating more as we learn about the incredible energy system that drives us all. Other clients prefer an annual check-up to maintain their wellness programs.
  • Do I need to book in advance?
    Yes. Please discuss which of our many services you require when booking and our staff will discuss time allowance and prices with you. Because we are holding one/two hours for new patients we ask for a booking deposit when you make your first appointment.
  • How many visits will I need?
    As we treat everyone as a unique individual this is impossible to answer. At CEM we are results orientated and most clients only need a few visits. Others chose to become wellness orientated and as such may choose to follow other programs that we offer.
  • Modes of Payment
    Cash is the preferred payment method Payment is required at the time of the appointment by cash, MasterCard, Visa and EFTPOS.
  • Cancellation Policy
    We value your time, please value ours and notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to change your appointment time. Cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice may incur a fee.


Opening Hours

Mon-Tues 9am -4pm

Wed 3-7pm

Thurs 9- 1.30pm

Ist Sat of month 9-1.30pm

5 McClelland Street

North Willoughby, NSW, 2068

Tel: 02 9436 2992
Fax:  02 9438 1417

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